About Narmada

On 2/10/97, the Gujarat government created six new districts including Narmada district. Nandod, Dediyapada and Sagbara talukas of Bharuch district and Tilakwada taluka of Vadodara district built Narmada district. New taluka Garudeshwar was formed on 18/02/2014. The district is situated on the eastern corner of Gujarat state. District now has 5 talukas and 1 municipality. There are 111 villages in Nandod taluka, 169 villages in Dediyapada taluka, 93 villages in Sagbara taluka, 97 villages in Tilakwada taluka and 92 villages in Garudeshwar taluka. There are 562 villages and 222 village panchayats in Narmada district. The total population of the district is 5,979,279. Read More

Collector & DM Ms. Shweta Teotia
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam
    Sardar Sarovar Dam