Present Narmada district was independent India’s Deshi Rajwada’s one independent “Rajpipla” raj, which was dissolved in 9/6/1947 independent is seen then when and how “Rajpipla” name came its supporting proof is not available. But as per one story first sitting was done under “Peepal” tree. From this “Rajpipla” name was coined. Similarly many say that in this divisions number of “Peepal” trees was more in proportion so this name was kept. Whereas many say that in ancient times connected to vindhyachal was Narmadas south coast region, Isikoy’s square Maharishi Piplaads “Tapovan” was situated and from it is this name was kept but this Raj being part of vidhyanchal this institutions name was “Rajgiri” for some time. Its example is available.

Avantika(Ujjains) king Vikram’s lineage’s parmar Shri Nandrai in vikram samvat 1200 centuries starting has dreamt about Raja establishment. Due to this in south west, south-east corner at the border of Dist-Umalakh Raj, on the banks of karjan River, colonized Nanpur village and on surrounding populated areas they built their power and in non-populated areas from surrounding villages farmers were colonized. Devi Harsiddh was established. Shri Mahakal Dharmeshwars Temple was built and Vir Vetal Hanuman being established in Nandpur Rajmahal was built and one lake was built which at present is known as Badha Lake. Nandrai lineage ruled and the Karnali village parallel to narmada bank, the power was established and their own area ie. Narmada’s norther parts large part was given for colonization. Among it any five, any 10 villages contractors due to there favor land was given i.e. why it is known as maherwas. To protect this maherwaas at Garudeshwar fort was built and place for living of officer and protector was built.

After the death of this places, king Jachand in 1403 his nephew Samarsinghji named Arjunsingh sat on thorne between samvat 1942-72 during the time of Ganelsinghji Gujarat’s sultan Ahmed had invaded Rajpipla and in Nandpur, on the wester rof Karjan river, Nandkeshwar Mahadev’s Temple was razed. And there big burial grand was made and by increasing the population of Bhill people army was prepared. Vaidyanath Mahadev along with Ganesh, Hanuman were established “Bhils” considering Lord Hanuman as their “Isht Dev” (Desired Lord) worship him on marriage occasion.

From samvat 1495 to 1514, again Sultan Ahmed invaded this place but that times king Harisingji killed and defeated him and 10 miles away from Nandod at present which is known as Junaraaj. At the place at that place at the name of Rajpipla “Gaadi” (seat) was established.

In samvat 1514, Puthuraj’s (first) “Rajtilak” was done by Junaraj’s vasavana and then onwards in this vasvani Lineage from the men only “Rajvanshis” will have to get “Raj Tilak” done such decision was made and it is being implemented at present also. In the time duration of samvat 1615-1639 from Akbar Shahs escaped Chittods Rana Udaysingh had taken shelter. Shahershah Akbar had won Gujarat from Mujafar shah and Rajpipla being invaded puthuraj (Second) has to live inmountains.

Till 1652-61 the entwined Daipsing, in his times this place is know at Rajpipla. At that place capital was changed and capitals name was coined “Junaray” Gurja Nrupti Lineages 13 “Danshashan” carved on copper has been obtained. These are of the period of virkram samvat 38-8486(629-736 AD). Then the power of king “Puroganis” was in force. In 1431 AD, Sultan Ahmed Shah invaded Nandod once againthen ……… Sultan escaped invasion and colonized a new capital by name of “Rajpipla” That lineage’s king might be known as Nandods King. So the importance of Nandod might have been continued, adving thus to king of nandod sultan Bahadurshah, Sultan Zafar Shah 3 is known to have fled from Nandod in AD 1584.

Nandod and Gohil Kingdoms remained in Rajpipla till 1730 AD which is at present known as Junaraj. This is located at 16 Km distance in south-east of Nandod. There on the top of mountain fort has been built. In 1730, Raja Jitsingh at the confluence of Tarav and Karjan colonized new Rajpipla capital was made there. On the top of mountain ranpat (forts wall) was there which has been now destroyed. The laldarwaja ahead of it, below it there is an underground way from Nandod-Junaraj.

Nandod’s fortune changed and in 1830 capital was again shifted to Nandod which was this places original capital. In 1918-19 Nandod name was kept as “Rajpipla” and Bharuch districts Nandod was Talukas head office. Talukas name remained Nandod. But city’s name was changed to Rajpipla. The former Rajpipla is known as present Junaraj. Thus in inclusion of Bharuch Districts 11 Talukas, Rajpipla 5 Talukas provincial area continued as it is and provincial land revenue work was done from Rajpipla. Till many years Rajpipla’s provincial area was related with Bharuch district and Governments administrative work was continued.